What is the LEPC?

lepc picture

First, the letters LEPC stand for “Local Emergency Planning Committee”. The Memphis/Shelby County LEPC is an organization mandated under the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act, or EPCRA. We are responsible for emergency planning or, what should be done in the event of an accidental hazardous material incident. The LEPC is made up of elected officials, members of law enforcement, emergency management, fire departments, transportation, hospitals, the health department, representatives of the community, industry and the print and broadcast media.

The LEPC began from the original Hazardous Materials Advisory Council

lepc picture LEPC has been an emergency response educator, has worked hand in hand with our response agencies in drills and evaluations of our emergency response plans, developers, and most of all been a focal point for building stronger working relationships among agencies, industry, and the community.

The LEPC serves as a focal point in the community for information and discussions about hazardous substances, emergency planning, and health and environmental risks. The community can expect the LEPC to reply to questions about chemical hazards and risk management.

We have other responsibilities besides working with our local emergency management agencies in developing emergency response plans. The LEPC receives chemical release and hazardous chemical inventory information submitted by local facilities, and makes this information available to the public at the Memphis and Shelby County Emergency Management Agency. Just call and ask or, come down and see us!

The LEPC has the authority to request additional information from facilities for their own planning purposes or on behalf of others. The LEPC can also visit facilities in the community to find out what they are doing to reduce hazards, prepare for accidents, and reduce hazardous inventories and releases.